Low Current to Voltage Converter

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  & Constant Current Sources 

Dont waste your time designing and/or packaging  a pico-amp input OpAmp circuit for your application.
Utilize one of our self contained  Ultra-low input modules  or  simply use in conjunction with a basic
Multimeter as an inexpensive alternative to an expensive Picoammeter. 

  Model CTVM10PFA Gain:  
10pA/Volt  to  1nA/Volt 
  Model CTVS10PFA Gain:   10pA/Volt
   Gain Control (one of the following; option#1 is default):
             Option#1.) Manual 20 turn Trim-pot for Min. Gain to Max. Gain, respectfully. 
             Option#2.) Digital; Min. Gain, Interim Gain & Max. Gain selectable. 
             ( The above does not apply to fixed gain modules ) 

  Input Bias current 10fA typical  
  Output Voltage:
10 V
Accuracy:  Better than 0.25%  ( 0C  to  50C )
Operating Temp Range:   better than   -10C  to  70C 
Enable / Disable Low-pass filter ( 15Hz ). 
  Enable / Disable High-pass filter ( 500Hz ). 
Offset Voltage Null Capability
No Frequency Compensation Required
Short Circuit Protection
Low Power Consumption
Call for single supply/polarity, PCB only, custom
      application specific or small scale product alternative

Similar models with more or less gain

 ( 2-3 weeks Delivery, Call for order quantities greater than 5 )

   Please contact us and
ask how we can help
design or implement the right module for    
   your needs

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        CTVS & CTVM  Series Modules

CTVM Block Diagram / Documentation
CTVS Block Diagram / Documentation

  Picoampere or Microvolt Instrumentation
  Opamp Instrumentation Amplifier
  Thermocouple and Bridge Amplifier
  Low Frequency Active Filter
  Photo Current Amplifier
  Battery-Powered Systems, Standard Cell Buffers
  Electrometer,  Charge Integrator
  Low Current Ammeter   
  Long Term Integrator
  PH Meter , Light Meter
  Proximity Detector
  Logarithmic Amplifier
  Photo-diode Preamplifier
  Low energy measurements
  Low energy electron measurements


Similar models with more or less gain    

 Specifications    Value   Unit      Specifications   Value   Unit  
 Max. / Min. Gain - Ctvm10pfA   10 to 1000     pA / V      Input capacitance  typ.  1.5     pf  
 Gain - Ctvs10pfA     10    pA / V          
 Max. Input Current    10    nA      Input Current Noise   < 1   fA / sqr(Hz)         
 Output voltage range  10   V      Input Voltage Noise   < 20    nV / sqr(Hz)   
 Output voltage: Max. Load Current  10   mA      Output Voltage Noise   <1    uV / sqr(Hz)  
 Output voltage: Output impedance  1.0   KΩ        Freq. Response; small signal    100   KHz  
 Max. Output Voltage Drift  < 20  uV / Deg.C       Operating Temperature    -10 to 70    C
 Max. Input Bias Current ... less than                        0.1  pA          
 Input Impedance  ... less than  500   Ω         
 Max. Input Offset Current  @25deg.C      < 100     fA    DC Supply Max. Current ... +5VDC Supply    ~200       mA   
 Max. Input Offset Current Drift  ..  0 to 70 deg.C   < 15     fA / deg.C    Signal In / Out connector   SMA    female
 Max. Input Offset Voltage  @25deg.C   < 30  uV         
       CTVM - Dimensions - L x H x W;    Enclosure B          
 Max. Input Offset Voltage Drift  ..  0 to 70 deg.C   < 2.0     uV / deg.C    CTVS - Dimensions - L x H x W;    Enclosure D         

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