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 To provide for a wide range of customer applications we offer a convenient variety of Precision
 Isolation Amplifiers providing complete galvanic isolation between the inputs and/or outputs of
 your application(s).  Refer to our below Model Selection Table to help you choose the appropriate
 module for your application:

Digital Gain and Low Pass filter Control
4 Gain Selections: x1, x10, x100, x1000
We offer VTVMI modules with the following input impedances: 50
Ω, 100KΩ, 1MΩ, 30GΩ,  >1TGΩ
Call for applications with Band-Width requirements greater than 50KHz.  
Call for single supply/polarity, custom application specific or small scale product alternative options.

Input ESD protection (4KV) for 1T model ... inquire for other models.

Input / Output Range (V) Input
 Impedance (GΩ)
Input Signal
 ESD Protection
Input Type
VTVMIS10-10-30G ±10V 30 No Single-ended 
VTVMID10-10-30G ±10V 30 No  Differential 
VTVMIS10-10-1T ±10V > 1T YES (±4KV) Single-ended
VTVMID10-10-1T ±10V > 1T YES (±4KV)  Differential
VTVMIS-HV-30G ±100V 30G No Single-ended
VTVMIS-HV-1T ±100V 1T YES (±4KV)  Single-ended



   Industrial Process Control:
       Transducer Isolator, Isolator for Thermocouples, RTDs,
       Pressure Bridges, Flow Meters, 4-20mA Loop Isolation
   Ground Loop Elimination
   Motor and SCR Control
   Power Monitoring, Power Line and Transient Monitors
   PC-Based High Speed Data Acquisition Systems
   Test Equipment
   Multi-channel Muxed Input Isolation
   Waveform Recording Instrumentation
   Power Supply Controls
   Vibration Analysis

Application Notes: 

ECCN BIS classification: EAR99
Product Description: General Purpose Precision Op-Amp Circuit.  

Rev. 2.1; 08-19