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  Tera-Ohm Input impedance.
   Enhanced  ESD protection. 

Precision pH Probe Temp. Compensation
200 femto-amp. input bias precision
  Selectable Low-pass filter ,,, 16Hz
Offset Voltage Null Capability
Constant within a wide temperature range
Short Circuit Protection
Low Power Consumption

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When Set as a pH amplifier w/ temp. compensation:
Use a typical mV output pH Probe for the input of the UVM module. A typical pH probe in a 25 deg.C
 environment transfers
±59.2mV per pH unit and outputs zero at a pH of 7.  The pH electrode output voltage
 increases or decreases as the medium the probe is in becomes more Alkaline or more Acidic, respectively.
 The transfer function of a typical 59.2mV/pH electrode, though predictable, is temperature dependent
 (-54.2mV/pH at 0 Deg.C and -74.04mV/pH at 100 Deg.C).  An external temperature sensor, from our pH
 amplifier, placed within the same environment of the pH probe will result in a temperature compensated
 output (Vout) as indicated in Table #1.  Our UVM amplifier temperature compensated output (JP1-3; Block
 diagram) is centered at 0V for a pH of 7 and has a transfer function of 1.00V/pH unit. The output range spans
 from -7.00V (pH = 0) to +7.00V (pH =14). 

 Table #1
 pH Probe Temperature (Deg.C)    pH Probe output (mV)    Post-Amp. Output (V)    Temp. Compensated Output (V)  
0 54.20 0.730 1.00
25 59.18 0.800 1.00
60 66.15 0.895 1.00
100 74.01 1.000 1.00

When Set as a general purpose micro-Volt amplfier:
The UVM module needs to be set for no temperature compensation.  More specifically, the output (JP1-2; Block
 diagram) of the UVM module is the same as the output of the post-amp.  This unit delivers up to a gain of 50
 and has a GBP of 400KHz when the low pass filter is disabled.  Refer to the below block diagram and specs. for 
 for more details.



                        Standard UVM Series Module


Application specific Integrated Series


 Specifications  Value  Unit     Specifications  Value  Unit  
 Max Gain Setting - Post Amp.  50        Input capacitance less than (Cdiff & Ccm)  3   pf  
 Input voltage Range  ±2.0  V     Voltage Noise Density  f = KHz  25  nV/sqr(Hz)  
         Voltage Noise Density  f =10KHz  22    uV/sqr(Hz)  
 Max. Output Load Current - Post-Amp.  ±6.0   mA      Current Noise Density  f =1KHz  0.05  pA/sqr(Hz)  
 Max. Output Load Current - Temp. Compensated Output     ±10.0     mA      Slew Rate  (Rload = 10KΩ)  0.1  V / us  
 Output voltage range  ±12   V      Peak to Peak Noise ( @unity 0.1Hz to 10Hz)         3    uV
 Output Impedance - Temp. Compensated Output  0.1   Ω    Gain Bandwidth Product  (R-load = 100KΩ)   385   KHz  
 Output Impedance (closed loop) - Post-Amp. Output  36   Ω    Operating Temperature  10 to 40    C
         DC Supply Voltage  ±15  VDC  
 Max. Input Offset Voltage  (12uV typical)  50  uV    Signal In / Out connector  BNC or SMA    female
 Input Bias Current less than    (200fA typical)  ± 1.0  pA      Power connector   4 pin Mini-Din   female
 Max. Input Offset Voltage Drift  (1uV typical)  4.5  uV/Deg.C        Temperature Sensor connector   3 pin Mini-Din  female
         Dimensions - L x H x W;
 (Will Scale to your application)

rev.1.1 12-27-16