Precision Analog Voltage Integrator Module providing
   accurate voltage output proportional to the time integral
   of the input.

   Reset & Hold switches and/or Digital input

   Adjustable Output Gain
   Offset Voltage Null Capability
   Adjustable Time Constant 


 Specifications  Value  Unit    Specifications  Value  Unit
 Input Voltage Range    ±10    V    Offset Voltage drift   ±20  uV/deg.C
 Max. Output Voltage Range    ±10  V    Minimum Digital Input  "On" voltage level  2.5    V
 Time constant (T) -  min.  0.1  sec    Maximum Digital Input  "Off" voltage level  .8   V
 Time constant (T) -  max.  10  sec    Operating Temperature    10 to 40    c
 Voltage output  (1/T ) * ∫Vin dt  V    DC Supply Voltage    ±12    VDC
 Input Impedance  1      Signal In / Out connector    BNC or SMA  female
 Accuracy  (10c to 40c)    ± 0.2  %    DC In connector  Mini-Din 4pin  female
 Maximum output current  
 2  mA    Dimensions - General Module HxWxD  
 (Will Scale to your application)

VI10F Block Diagram

Applications: Voltage Ramps, AC integrator, Frequency integrator, FM detector, waveform average, tunnelling sensors, analog computer,
current companding, voltage to frequency converter, chromatograms, signal processing circuits, doppler pulse integration

rev.1.1 12-27-16