Warranty and return policy:

                                         RDM-AppsĀ® By High Reliability Electronics, LLC (RDM-HRE) warrants that for a period of 90 days from date of shipment or completion
                                         of service or agreement, any products(s) or service(s) purchased from RDM-HRE will be free from defects in materials or workmanship.
                                         Any agreement that incorporates materials provided by the customer(s), these materials are not warranted by RDM-HRE.  Upon receiving
                                         notification of a defect in the product(s) or workmanship applicable to service(s) provided during the warranty period RDM-HRE will, at
                                         its option, either repair or replace such product(s) or functionality applicable to the service(s) rendered. Failure to notify RDM-HRE of
                                         any defect(s) within the warranty period shall relieve RDM-HRE of its obligations and liabilities.  Factor(s) outside of the control of
                                         RDM-HRE will void the warranty.  Some of the more common issues include the following (not a complete listing):
                                             (i)   use of the product(s) and/or resulting workmanship or related to the applicable hardware or software not in accordance with the
                                                   instructions or specifications or instructions for any of RDM-HRE products, workmanship, materials or non RDM-HRE products
                                                   incorporated in the applicable agreement;
                                             (ii)  any modification of any hardware, software or workmanship related to the applicable agreement made by other than an appointed
                                                   representative and not approved in writing by RDM-HRE;
                                             (iii) operation / use not intended or designed for any / all products and/or functionality related to workmanship incorporated according to
                                                   the applicable agreement in an environment and / or outside specifications;
                                             (iv) damage caused by surges in electrical current;
                                             (v)  failure to properly install product(s) not included within the applicable agreement or products replaced which are included within
                                                   the agreement ;
                                             (vi) use of the product(s) or functionality related to workmanship in a manner not discussed with, nor foreseeable to, RDM-HRE, or
                                             (vii) any other use or issue not within the control of RDM-HRE
                                          No refunds shall be issued for any product(s) or service(s) purchased from RDM-HRE.  No other warranty is given, expressly or by
                                          implication, including without limitation, any warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.  Any agreement directly or indirectly related
                                          to products or services provided by RDM-HRE must be paid in full in accordance to the associated agreement.  If agreement
                                          incorporates a partial payment to start work and the remaining amount payable upon completion then customer is responsible of
                                          100% payment in full whether or not customer terminates agreement at any time during the work start and / or end date(s) specified
                                          in the applicable agreement. 


Rev 09-10-2022