Don’t waste your time designing and/or packaging a Constant Current output OpAmp or Voltage to Current Conversion amplfier circuit for your application. Utilize one of our self contained Ready Modules for  your application or simply use in conjunction with a basic Multimeter as an inexpensive alternative to an expensive Constant Current Source / Sink.


  • Precision Linear Adjustable Bipolar Constant Current Source / Sink Output Module
  • Accuracy:
    a.) Full scale accuracy typically better than 0.1%
    b.) High Voltage module(s) full scale accuracy better than 0.3%
  • Converts from input voltage to output constant current.
  • Current Output Control:
    a.) Option#1: ±10V input relative to applicable module full range current out.
    b.) Option#2: Manual Trim-Potentiometer adjustment .
  • Maximum Load Voltage / Output Compliance Load Voltage:
    a.) Standard small signal Module ... ±12V
    b.) High Load Voltage small signal modules up to ±180V
    c.) High Current modules up to ±34V

    Call for larger Load Voltage or Load Current modules.
  • Current output offset null & gain adjustment capability for calibration.
  • Voltage Monitor Output relative to Constant Current Output. Grounded Load Modules Only!
  • Floating Output Modules Available

    Contact us for multi-range, multi-port or custom constant current modules / applications.

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 * Best for Most Applications


Includes Current Monitor


NO Current Monitor


Full Range Current Output (DC)

Voltage Control

 Vin / Iout

Max. Load Impedance at Max. Current

Max. Load Compliance Voltage
Cse10pvb  Csm10pvg  ±100pA 1V / 10pA 90GΩ ±12V 
   Csm10pvg-180V  ±100pA 1V / 10pA >1TΩ ±180V
Cse09nvb  Csm09nvg  ±1nA 1V / 100pA 9GΩ ±12V
  Csm09nvg-180V   ±1nA 1V / 100pA 180GΩ ±180V
Cse08nvb   Csm08nvg  ±10nA 1V / 1nA 900MΩ ±12V 
  Csm08nvg-180V  ±10nA 1V / 1nA 18GΩ ±180V
Cse07nvb  Csm07nvg  ±100nA 1V / 10nA 90MΩ ±12V 
Csm07nvg-180V  ±100nA 1V / 10nA 1.8GΩ ±180V
Cse06uvb  Csm06uvg  ±1uA 1V / 100nA 9MΩ ±12V
  Csm06uvg-180V  ±1uA 1V / 100nA 180MΩ ±180V
Cse05uvb  Csm05uvg  ±10uA 1V / 1uA 900KΩ ±12V
  Csm05uvg-180V  ±10uA 1V / 1uA 18MΩ  ±180V
Cse04uvb  Csm04uvg  ±100uA 1V / 10uA 90KΩ ±12V
Csm04uvg-180V  ±100uA 1V / 10uA 1.8MΩ ±180V
Cse03mvb Csm03mvg  ±1mA 1V / 100uA 9KΩ ±12V
Csm03mvg-180V  ±1mA 1V / 100uA 180KΩ ±180V
Cse02mvb Csm02mvg ±10mA 1V / 1mA 900Ω ±12V
  Csm02mvg-180V  ±10mA 1V / 1mA 18KΩ ±180V

High Current



Full Range

Voltage Control

 Vin / Iout

Output Type

Required External Power Supply

Max. Load Compliance
Cse00GL-100-36V-12V-AFL ±100.0mAdc/±71mA(rms) 1V / 10mA Grounded  AC Adapter: +9 to +36V ±12V
Cse00GL-100-18V-20V-BFL ±100.0mAdc/±71mA(rms) 1V / 10mA Grounded AC Adapter: +9 to +18V ±20V
Cse00GL-100-36V-20V-BFL ±100.0mAdc/±71mA(rms) 1V / 10mA Grounded AC Adapter: +18 to +36V ±20V
Cse00GL-100-36V-12V-Dual-Out  ±100.0mAdc/±71mA(rms)   per output 1V / 10mA Grounded  AC Adapter: +9 to +36V ±12V
Cse00GL-300-36V-12V-Dual-Out  ±300.0mAdc/±212mA(rms)   per output 1V / 30mA Grounded  AC Adapter: +9 to +36V ±12V
Cse00FL-100-36V-12V-Dual-Out  ±100.0mAdc/±71mA(rms)   per output 1V / 10mA Floating  AC Adapter: +9 to +36V ±12V
Cse00FL-300-36V-12V-Dual-Out  ±300.0mAdc/±212mA(rms)   per output 1V / 30mA Floating AC Adapter: +9 to +36V ±12V
Cse00GL-100-40V-33V  ±100mAdc / ±71mA(rms) 1V / 10mA Grounded  Bipolar Pwr: ±18V to ±40V ±33V
Cse00FL-100-40V-33V ±100mAdc / ±71mA(rms) 1V / 10mA Floating  Bipolar Pwr: ±18V to ±40V  ±33V
Cse00GL-100-40V-33V-Dual-Out Same as single output ±100mAdc / ±71mA(rms)   per output 1V / 10mA Grounded  Bipolar Pwr: ±18V to ±40V ±33V
Cse00GL-300-40V-33V ±300mAdc / ±212mA(rms) 1V / 30mA Grounded  Bipolar Pwr: ±18V to ±40V ±33V
Cse00FL-300-40V-33V ±300mAdc / ±212mA(rms) 1V / 30mA Floating  Bipolar Pwr: ±18V to ±40V  ±33V
Cse00GL-300-40V-33V-Dual-Out   Same as single output ±300mAdc / ±212mA(rms)   per output 1V / 30mA Grounded  Bipolar Pwr: ±18V to ±40V ±33V
Cse00GL-500-40V-33V ±500mAdc / ±355mA(rms) 1V / 50mA Grounded  Bipolar Pwr: ±18V to ±40V ±33V
Cse00FL-500-40V-33V ±500mAdc / ±355mA(rms) 1V / 50mA Floating  Bipolar Pwr: ±18V to ±40V  ±33V
Cse00GL-500-40V-33V-Dual-Out Same as single output ±500mAdc / ±355mA(rms)   per output 1V / 50mA Grounded  Bipolar Pwr: ±18V to ±40V ±33V
Cse00GL-1000-27V-19V  ±1.0Adc / ±0.71A(rms) 1V / 100mA Grounded  AC Adapter: +9V to +27V ±19V
Cse00FL-1000-27V-19V ±1.0Adc / ±0.71A(rms) 1V / 100mA Floating  AC Adapter: +9V to +27V ±19V
Cse00GL-1000-40V-33V ±1.0Adc / ±0.71A(rms) 1V / 100mA Grounded  Bipolar Pwr: ±18V to ±40V ±33V
Cse00FL-1000-40V-33V ±1.0Adc / ±0.71A(rms) 1V / 100mA Floating  Bipolar Pwr: ±18V to ±40V  ±33V
Cse00GL-2000-40V-33V ±2.0Adc / ±1.4A(rms) 1V / 200mA Grounded  Bipolar Pwr: ±18V to ±40V ±33V
Cse00FL-2000-40V-33V ±2.0Adc / ±1.4A(rms) 1V / 200mA Floating  Bipolar Pwr: ±18V to ±40V ±33V
Cse00GL-10000-18V-14V ±10Adc / ±7.07A(rms) 1V / 1A Grounded  Bipolar Pwr: ±11V to ±18V ±14.0V
Cse00GL-10000-30V-24.5V ±10Adc / ±7.07A(rms) 1V / 1A Grounded  Bipolar Pwr: ±18V to ±30V ±24.5V

* Best for Most Applications

We offer Floating output modules for most all applications. For High Current modules the maximum Load voltage is typically
 4-5V less than applied by the external Bipolar power supply.

Contact us
for Modules with Higher Output Current or Higher Load Voltage requirements