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Don’t waste your time designing and/or packaging a Micro-volt or milli-volt input Precision OpAmp circuit for your application. Utilize one of our self contained Precision Voltage Amplifier Modules for your application.


  Voltage Amplifier Module (VTVM) Features:

    Single ended or Differential input for VTVM Precision series modules 
          1.) Precision VTVM series Module Output impedance = 600Ω:
               a.) ±10V into a ≥1MΩ Load (Device) 
               b.) ±5V into a 600Ω Load (Device)
          2.) High Speed VTVM8P Series Module (Output impedance = 50Ω):
               a.) ±5V into a 50Ω Load (Device)
               b.) ±10V into a ≥100KΩ Load (Device)
          3.) High Speed VTVM8 Series Module (Output impedance = 50Ω):
               a.) ±1.4V into a 50Ω Load (Device)
               b.) ±2.8V into a ≥100KΩ Load (Device)    
    VTVM Precision series module. Input Impedances better than 10TΩ
    VTVM Precision series module. Accuracy = ±0.1%
    VTVM8 High Speed (2 to 300MHz) series
    Accommodate Source Impedances greater than a GΩ
    Digitally Selectable Gains: 0dB, 20dB, 40db, 60dB
    VTVM Prec. series modules: 80dB when enabling additional 20dB
    Low-pass filter (Enable/Disable) ... ~ 30Hz cut-off freq. 
    Offset Voltage Null Capability 
    ESD Protection available with certain models
    Low Drift
    Low Input Noise
    Short Circuit Protection
    Low Power Consumption
    Call for 2, 4, 6 & 8 Voltage Channel Modules.
    Call for PCB only, single supply/polarity,
        custom application specific or small scale
        product alternative options.

 ECCN BIS classification:  EAR99
        Product Description: General Purpose Precision Op-Amp Circuit.


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